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DMR- Multi Sports Arena, centre of world class facilities par international excellence. We are Jaipur based, Indoor Sports hub with a huge arena that measures more then 30,000 square feet that attracts both kids and adults. DMR is a home to dedicated sports person and regular fitness enthusiast.

Be it Badminton, Baskatball you can better acquaint yourself with these sports only at DMR. Well, if you are wondering why your workdays are mundane and tiresome, we have a wonderful solution for you. Get a chance to relive your olden days with us. Behind every human, there are plethora of nostalgic moments worth celebrating. One such pride that everyone would like to bear is being a sportsman. We, at DMR Sports, always come forward to bring out your sportsman spirit in a most comfortable way.

While you are mentally and physically craving for a break, we are at your side to offer good number of exciting physical activities that will help you overcome your stressful routine. You aren’t a sportsman but longing to be one? Cool enough! You are also most welcome at DMR. To us, our sole motive is to build a complete interest in various sports activities among every individual. We have professional coaches who would guide you with utmost care.

Basically, we help you get rid of unwanted things with proper procedure. Hence, you cannot just burn your calories but also your tension.

You are most likely to receive the following facilities, when you become a part of DMR Sports family:

  • Best in class services at reasonable rate
  • Perfect place for both family and sporting crowd
  • More then 30000 Sq.ft of sports facility
  • DMR Sports always strive to bring excellence among both the kids and adults who come here to get trained in sports. We also encourage them to go to the next level.

DMR offering you the best because we know and believe that kids are the precious gift of God and they are future of our country. We have skilled coaches outdoor running / training area as well. We and you both can work together for better future of India.

  • Maplewood court's.
  • Branded Matt's from Victor-Taiwan.
  • Practise with standard shuttles Victor Brand.
  • Coaches in 5:1 ratio at each courts.
  • Standerd matching hight for courts.
  • Full attention and devotion on fitness and endurance of students.
  • Opportunity to use in house sports facilities for good Sportsmanship.
  • Big and spacious facility and friendly surroundings.
  • Proper lights on each courts.
  • Regular Visits of Physio for check-ups
  • Head Coach : Ex-Manager of Indian Railways Team
  • Regular Visits of National Players and NIS Coaches for Fitness Sessions and tips to students
  • Regular Visits of National Selectors
  • Chance be getting exposer of other Games for overall development

Get Trained By Renowned Coaches! - Be it a beginner or an advanced level player, in either case guidance from an extraordinary set of coaches will help you reach the next level. Learning is always a never ending process. At DMR, we present before you the coaches who have excelled in their respective sports at national and international levels. Our coaches have not only played at the highest level but have also coached for a long period and have brought out a set of best players.

Under our Leading Coach, their are a battalion of coaches who have again represented at the International level, currently ranked in the top 10 category, Ekalavya Award Winners. We know what it takes to be reach that level consistently and this is inculcated in our teaching mechanism.

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